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GearUP Booster: Unleash the Magic with Exclusive Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Partnership




Attention all players, or should we say, wizards! 

We are thrilled to announce the exclusive collaboration between GearUP Booster and Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. In this exciting partnership, GearUP Booster will be providing free network boosting services for all PC and Mobile Phone players in this enchanting game.


Let's dive into what GearUP Booster is all about. GearUP Booster is a leading network acceleration service that aims to enhance your gaming experience. We understand the importance of seamless gameplay and have optimized our acceleration routes specifically for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.


By utilizing GearUP Booster, players can significantly reduce latency, lag, and packet loss during duels, enabling smooth spellcasting and increasing the chances of victory. Our advanced technology ensures that your magical abilities are executed flawlessly, creating a truly immersive gaming experience.


Event Details


Event Time: From now on

Event Platform:Both Computer and Mobile Phone

Event Rules:


For Computer Players


All players can visit the official GearUP Booster website and download this network optimization tool FOR FREE.


All players can enjoy free network optimization service when boosting Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.


For Mobile Players


All players can visit the mobile app store and download GearUP Mobile Booster FOR FREE.


All mobile phone players only need to watch a short advertisement to obtain the corresponding boosting duration. With a simple one-click operation, you can enjoy a smooth network experience.


*If any Harry Potter: Magic Awakened players encounters issues with GearUP boosting effect, they can always contact customer service and staff through GearUP Booster, and we will provide 1v1 technical support FOR FREE.


*If you don't see 'Harry Potter: Magic Awakened' on the homepage of GearUP Booster, please use the search function to find the game and boost it.




If you have any other questions, GearUP staff members will be at your service on both the in-game and GearUP's own Discord channels.

GearUP Discord:


Wizards, don't miss out on this offer and embrace the power of seamless spellcasting in the world of Harry Potter. GearUP Booster is here to support your magical journey!