Get HYPEREV and Game on!

Lower latency on all consoles

playstation Xbox switch deck pico quest

Lower latency on all consoles

HYPEREV for all your consoles

playstation Xbox switch deck pico quest

Wave goodbye to crippling latency

Comparison of the Impact of Using Hyperev on Latency Line Before After

Tailored NAT Unbeatable Gameplay

Enhance console gaming performance with our NAT optimizer for newly released titles. Enjoy seamless online gaming, little to no waiting on queues for a smoother gaming experience.

NAT optimizer for newly released games

Plug & Play

Plug into a power source, connect to Ethernet and download the GearUP Console Booster app to complete the configuration in 30 seconds.

GearUP Console Booster app

Double as a Gigabit Router

Top Spec, Gigabit Ethernet Port, and 2.4G/5G Dual Band Wireless

User Review

Alex eSport Product Owner

I recently played HYPEREV which is a device can improve my online gaming connection, and overall, I was impressed with the results. I noticed a significant improvement in lag when I playing games. The The appearance looks very high-tech and it's easy to setup.

Vince TP-Link Product Line Manager

HYPEREV is a top-of-the-line product that delivers on its promises. Whether you're a casual gamer or a competitive esports player, it will improve your online gaming experience. With its range of features, the HYPEREV is an excellent investment that will pay off in hours of uninterrupted gaming enjoyment.

Fábio Luis Business analyst at Kraft Heinz

The HYPEREV game accelerator from GearUP is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their online gaming experience. This device offers a range of features that will significantly improve your gameplay.

EFREMOV ESG consultant at BNP Paribas

The device reduces game lag and packet loss, two of the most frustrating issues that gamers face. With this device, gamers can experience seamless gameplay and avoid interruptions that can ruin their gaming experience.

Luca Web3 Entrepreneur

It is well-known for its global servers, allowing it to find suitable servers in various regions. This feature is particularly useful for gamers who want to play with friends from around the world or compete in international tournaments.

Ovvy YouTube Star with 737K Followers

I have been using HYPEREV and I am extremely satisfied with the results. Not only does it allow me to match up with players from all over the world when playing FIFA23, but the latency has also significantly decreased, improving myoverall win rate. I am confident that I will continue to use HYPEREV in the future.

Tech Specs

Front view of Hyperev Front
Back view of Hyperev Back
6.3 × 4.4 × 1.5inch (160.4 × 110.8 × 39mm)
Gigabit WAN × 1, Gigabit LAN × 2, Power Connector × 1
1.5m Ethernet Cable, Power Adaptor × 1, Footbed × 2
HYPEREV product for making lower latency on all consoles

Lower latency on all consoles

Lower Latency Optimize NAT type Plug and Play Compatible for all platforms Comes with a cable
From $60 (excl. tax)


What is HYPEREV?

HYPEREV is a console booster that also doubles as your router. It speeds up the connectivity of your console, reduces latency, increases download speed, and decreases queue time for competitive games.

How to Connect HYPEREV?

Connect HYPEREV to your router and your console, and start boosting with a click of the GearUP console booster app.

What consoles does HYPEREV support?

HYPEREV supports PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, Oculus, and Pico

Do I need a membership to use HYPEREV?

Yes, a membership is required to use HYPEREV. This is due to the competitive-level internet being extremely costly, and we have had to introduce membership services as a result. Information on our membership prices and methods of payment can be found within the GearUP Console Booster APP.

What Does A Gaming Router Do?

Many routers now prioritize bandwidth-hungry devices or applications. But gaming routers are optimized specifically for the needs of gamers. HYPEREV for all your consoles, for better gaming experience!

What is the connection mode of HYPEREV?

HYPEREV is a next-generation professional game router, which offers two connection options:wired or wireless.

Could HYPEREV be used in other rooms where HYPEREV is placed to increase internet speed?

Yes. HYPEREV features high-performance WHEMS patented antennas which in combination with connection optimization for mainstream consoles. It provides better Wi-Fi coverage and wall-penetration capability. Even if your console and HYPEREV are far apart, you can still enjoy a low-latency, less packet loss gaming experience!