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Gear Up for Victory: NARAKA: BLADEPOINT and GearUP Booster Collaborate Benefits of Network Optimizaiton


NARAKA: BLADEPOINT and GearUP Booster Collaborate Benefits of Network Optimizaiton



Heroes of Morus Isle! Are you ready to embrace a gaming world with faster and more stable internet connection speeds?

We are excited to announce that NARAKA: BLADEPOINT and GearUP Booster are teaming up to offer an exclusive cooperation.As a result of this cooperation, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT players will be able to take advantage of GearUP Booster's powerful optimization and anti-lag tools, providing an enhanced gaming experience for all users.

In order to let every NARAKA: BLADEPOINT player get a better network experience , GearUP has optimized the game boost route and tested the ping before and after boost.

Here are the test data:


Region Server With GearUP Booster Reduced Latency
United States NA 61ms >10ms
Mexico NA 103ms >50ms
Brazil NA 182ms >40ms
Russia EU 129ms >10ms


Note:The speed of network transmission cannot exceed the speed of light, and the absolute physical latency from Brazil to North American servers is around 150ms.

Heroes, now you can enjoy this network optimization service FOR FREE by using GearUP!



Event Details


Event Time:  Long-term
Event Server: NA/EU/SEA/AS Severs are eligble
Event Platform:Both Computer and XBOX players
Event Rules: 

For Computer Players


NARAKA: BLADEPOINT players can visit the official GearUP Booster website and download this network optimization tool FOR FREE.


All players can enjoy free network optimization service when boosting NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.


If any NARAKA: BLADEPOINT player encounters issues with GearUP boosting effect, they can always contact customer service and staff through GearUP Booster, and they will provide 1v1 technical support.


For XBOX Players

Xbox players have two options for network optimization - PC sharing boosting and hardware boosting.

1. If you have a personal computer, you can download and install GearUP PC Booster for FREE to optimize your network. GearUP PC Console Boost Mode utilizes the shared network connection of computers, hosts, and routers to optimize the actual effect of host connection.

2. If you are more interested in hardware, you could search our harware 'Hyperev' or visit GearUP Booster Official website and learn more.





If you have any other questions, GearUP staff members will be at your service on both the in-game and GearUP's own Discord channels.


GearUP Discord:

Heroes, try GearUP Booster and eliminate network latency as a barrier to your victory!